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Check out the dresses we have on sale! Everything is under $120. Free US shipping.



What is Lendperk?

Lendperk allows you to discover new fashion brands and rent their dresses!

We have three plans available - 

1) $20/month subscription - 1 dress out every month

2) $34/month subscription - 2 dresses out every month

3) $49/month subscription - no limit on how many dresses you can borrow

Only one dress can be in your possession at any given point in time. Once the 1st one is returned, the 2nd one gets sent out, and so on.

How do I rent from Lendperk? 

1) Sign up for one of our three monthly subscriptions.

2) Look through our collection of dresses (more are being added every month).

3) Add a dress to your cart and check out. Each dress will be priced at $0 when you're a monthly subscriber and check out. Please make sure to still fill in your billing and shipping info each time even though you will not be charged since the total cost will be $0. 

4) Your dress will arrive in a USPS First Class mail package in 1-3 business days. 

5) Wear the dress! If you want to borrow another dress, return the currently checked out dress in the enclosed, pre-paid return envelope.

6) Leave the package in your mailbox for the postal carrier to pick up or drop off the package at any USPS store counter. Special note: Most university campuses have a post office right on campus grounds.

No need to worry about cleaning the item—we take care of it! 

How long can I keep a dress for?

Keep it as long as you'd like, as long as you're a paying customer.

If you would like to buy a dress that you borrowed, contact us to let us know you'll be keeping the dress and we'll charge your credit card the "Buy it Now!" price of the dress as listed on our website.

Who cleans the dresses? 

We take care of cleaning the dresses. Each item is hand washed with Woolite, and then sent directly to you. If you receive an item that you are dissatisfied with, please contact us and send it back. 

Will the dresses need to be pressed upon arrival?

We do our best to ensure everything arrives wrinkle free. Each dress is pressed before being shipped out to you. However, certain fabrics may wrinkle more than others, so you can take out slight creases by gently steaming or pressing at low heat.

What if I accidentally stain or damage the dress? 

We understand that some wear and tear may happen and be beyond your control. Our cleaners can take care of most minor damage. However, if the clothing is torn or damaged beyond repair or the items are lost or stolen, we will charge your credit card for the retail price of the items. 

What if the dress doesn't fit?

If your dress doesn't fit, return it for free using our pre-paid, pre-addressed return envelope, and check out the dress in a different size. 

Can I buy a dress?

Yes. Every dress you see on in our collection is for sale. Everything is under $120. Buy it directly using Paypal!



How do I become a Member? 

1)  Create an account on

2) Sign up for one of our three monthly plans

Can I cancel my monthly subscription anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime. There is no obligation to commit to the entire year! Please send us an email at if you'd like to cancel your plan. 

How does the Rollover Plan work?

Don't need a rental one month? "Roll over" your rental to the next month and rent it then.

Let's say you are on the $20/month plan. If you go a month without renting a dress, you can rent an extra one the next month to make up for it. For example, you rent a dress in January but don't rent one in February and March. You can then rent two extra ones in April in addition to your April dress. 

Let's say you are on the $34/month plan. If you go a month without renting any dresses, you can rent two extra ones the next month to make up for it. For example, you rent two dresses in January but don't rent any in February. You can then rent two extra ones in March in addition to your two regular March dresses.
How do I redeem a gift card?
If you have a gift card to use, create an account. Then email us at so we can activate your account and allow you to check out your dress!



Why am I not seeing an "Add to Cart" tab on the dress pages?

The "Add to Cart" tab becomes visible (and thus, you will be able to check things out) once you subscribe to one of our monthly plans. Your account will then be activated at that point.

Your instructions say that I can only rent out one dress at any given point in time. But your website is letting me add multiple dresses to my cart and even when I currently have a dress out. What's up with that?

At the moment, we are manually keeping track of who has what dress at any given point in time. is not yet set up where it can keep track of all that.




Can I get my dress delivered on a specific day?

We do not guarantee delivery on a specific day. We make every effort to deliver your dress ASAP, which usually means between 1-3 business days from when you first place your order. 

Do you charge for shipping & handling?

No, we do not charge for shipping & handling. Shipping is free both ways! This applies to both dress purchases and dress rentals.

Do you deliver outside the continental U.S.? 

At this time, we only ship dress rental orders and purchases within the continental United States for free. Similarly, orders must be returned from within the continental U.S.

However, we do ship dress purchases all over the world - all 200 countries and counting! International sales are shipped via USPS First-Class Mail International and most items are delivered within a week.

There is a $10 shipping charge for any shipments to Canada and a $15-$20 shipping charge to any other country outside of the US or Canada. (The shipping price will range from $15 to $20 depending on which country you want the item shipped to).

Do you ship to P.O. boxes? 

Yes, we do ship to PO boxes.


Can you deliver to a hotel or another address besides my home? 

If you're shipping to a hotel, please put the hotel name in the company field and the reservation guest as the attention. It must be a secure location, not a P.O. Box, and please make sure the hotel concierge is expecting your delivery. 

Is a signature required for delivery? 

Our USPS packages do not require a signature for customers. 




How do I return my order? 

When you're ready to return your dress, place the dress in the enclosed return envelope with a pre-paid, pre-addressed return label on top. 
If the package fits in your mailbox, leave it there for the daily postal carrier to pick up. If it doesn't fit in your mailbox, drop off the package at any USPS store counter. Special note: Most university campuses have a post office right on campus grounds.

Where can I find my order number? 

Your order number, description, and history is located in your Account page. 

How do I cancel an order? 

Contact us right away by phone at 626-757-7015 or by email at, and we'll be happy to take care of it for you. Please let us know as soon as possible! 

Can I write a review for the dress I rented?

Yes. Each product page has a review slot powered by Yotpo that allows you to write a personal review for the dress.

Can I keep or purchase a dress? 

Yes, if you want to keep a dress, please contact us. Each of these dresses has a listed "Buy It Now!" price on their product page which we will then charge to your credit card.

If I buy a dress, can I return it later?

Returns aren't allowed but clothing exchanges are. Exchanges must be made within 14 days of delivery of the initial item. You will be responsible for shipping the item back to us.

Email with the item you want to return. We will respond within 1 business day with instructions on how to manage your return.

All items returned to us must be unworn and unwashed with tags attached.  We will not allow a clothing exchange if the returned item does not meet those criteria.


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